Design & Engineering

Our know-how, long term experience as die makers, enables us to grant a complete and constant assistance our customers.

COMEST is specialized in projecting die casting dies for automotive market components going from powertrain parts and structural parts made of aluminum alloys, ending with magnesium parts, more and more requested.

Medium and large dies up to 60 tons, for die casting machines up to 6000 tons.

Our experienced engineering staff will assist our clients in all the steps involved with project development for the realization of medium and large dies up to 60 tons, for die casting machines up to 6000 tons.

Our Technical Department can realize the complete die design, according to the specific requirements of each customer, and assist our clients through complete product development, guaranteeing maximum results.


Starting from the 3D design provided by our client, we elaborate the project of the die using the most updated software:

  • Creo
  • Catia V5

Project design

As a first step, we elaborate a preliminary layout of the die that will be later validated by our client.

Then, we proceed to develop the complete 3D and 2D design of the die applying the most innovative and efficient solutions. Through our decades-long experience in project design we are able to provide our clients suggestions for maximum product optimization and constant engineering assistance, bringing them a real value added service.

Metal Filling simulation

At this stage we offer the possibility to use ProCAST to validate decisions during prototyping, using metal filling simulation to perform the predictive evaluation of the entire casting process including filling and solidification defects.

This system, of great importance for foundries, enables a rapid visualization of design changes and allows for correct decision-making at an early stage of the manufacturing process, improving yield and reducing risks as well as manufacturing costs


We are also specialized in co-design, when final product design and die casting die project are carried out simultaneously. We allow the foundry to anticipate the production launch and optimize the project by applying the most efficient choices from the very beginning.

We will work jointly with the client since the very early stages of project development, bringing our long-term experience in the field at the service of improving our clients’ performances, and achieving maximum results, as well as shortening our clients’ lead times.


We manufacture die casting dies with very high quality standards.

We are amongst the few companies in Europe manufacturing the complete die casting die internally, without having to rely on any third parties.​

This is possible thanks to our continuous investments in new technologies, that enable us to machine all parts of the die from bolsters to inserts and spare parts, and manage directly day by day all the steps of the production process.

The possibility to perform the measurement control internally through our GOM 3D camera scanning system enables us to check all measurements internally, both on die components and casted parts, optimizing results and shortening lead times.

We are equipped with lifting cranes up to 35 tons over the entire workshop and warehouse area.

Thanks to our two spotting presses for medium and large dies we are able to test the die coupling.


In compliance with our quality management and control process, different parts of the die are interchangeable and ready for final mounting, in order to provide a longer tooling life. We supply spare parts for the most critical parts of the die like inserts and/or slides.

Thanks to our internal development process, spare parts are perfectly interchangeable and ready for the final assembly. No further try-outs or dimensional inspections are needed, offering great advantages in terms of costs reduction and time saving.

With the aim to offer an effective service and to extend the die lifecycle, we define along with our customers a maintenance plan according to the different needs of the customers’ production, to deliver real customer value to our clients.

lifting cranes up to 60 tons

Die Sampling

Upon request, we can cast up to 200 parts, a service of great importance in case of brand new projects.

COMEST is also equipped with a 2800 ton DCM with oil and water thermoregulation units and vacuum system for testing the dies, providing a pre-series sampling service of great importance in case of new projects.

COMEST has a 2800T DCM to cast a first batch of parts. The DCM is equipped with units for oil and water thermoregulation.

The Customer can assist and set the best parameters according to his production needs.

Our casting area is equipped for the casting of aluminum.

Our die casting machine is Integrated with a Fondarex’s vacuum system HIGHVAC PREMIUM 2C 50.


COMEST is equipped with cutting-edge technologies not only for the measurement of casted parts (dimensional report) but also for any important part of the tooling like inserts, core pins, and others.

Our measuring department includes:

3D Scanning System GOM Atos II Triple Scan
3D measuring centre with contact, through single points.

GOM Atos II Triple Scan

Maintenance Service

Our customer service will help you throughout the tooling lifetime.

We provide everything from an expert repair service to helpful advice, with the level of service and experience you expect from a world leading company.


Your die lifetime can easily improve and many problems be avoided though on expert’s advice. Comest engineers are here to provide the experience you need.


We provide a comprehensive range of replacement spare parts, which you can buy directly from us, through which you can greatly improve your die lifetime.


Upon request, we can provide assistance at Your foundry for the start-up of Your die, supporting You step by step at all the stages of project development.


Request a free quotation for Your project and arrange a visit at our company setting an appointment at most convenient time for you.


Employment increase
+5 units (production, assembly dept.)


100% of meeting delivery deadlines respected.


Management system
ISO 9001:2015
ECOVADIS 2023 Gold Metal


25% of electricity used in our production process is green.
95% of waste generated is recovered.


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