We manufacture die casting dies with very high quality standards.

We are amongst the few companies in Europe manufacturing the complete die casting die internally, without having to rely on any third parties.


This is possible thanks to our continuous investments in new technologies, that enable us to machine all parts of the die from bolsters to inserts and spare parts, and manage directly day by day all the steps of the production process.

The possibility to perform the measurement control internally through our GOM 3D camera scanning system enables us to check all measurements internally, both on die components and casted parts, optimizing results and shortening lead times.

We are equipped with lifting cranes up to 35 tons over the entire workshop and warehouse area.

Thanks to our two spotting presses for medium and large dies we are able to test the die coupling.


In compliance with our quality management and control process, different parts of the die are interchangeable and ready for final mounting, in order to provide a longer tooling life. We supply spare parts for the most critical parts of the die like inserts and/or slides.


Thanks to our internal development process, spare parts are perfectly interchangeable and ready for the final assembly. No further try-outs or dimensional inspections are needed, offering great advantages in terms of costs reduction and time saving.


With the aim to offer an effective service and to extend the die lifecycle, we define along with our customers a maintenance plan according to the different needs of the customers’ production, to deliver real customer value to our clients.


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