Leading company in the field of die casting dies manufacturing for aluminum and magnesium Comest delivers real customer value through:

Design & Engineering

COMEST is specialized in projecting die casting dies for automotive market components going from powertrain parts and structural parts made of aluminum alloys, ending with magnesium parts, more and more requested.


We manufacture die casting dies with very high quality standards.

We are amongst the few companies in Europe manufacturing the complete die casting die internally, without having to rely on any third parties.

Die Sampling

COMEST is also equipped with a 2800 ton DCM with oil and water thermoregulation units and vacuum system for testing the dies, providing a pre-series sampling service of great importance in case of new projects.


COMEST is equipped with cutting-edge technologies not only for the measurement of casted parts (dimensional report) but also for any important part of the tooling like inserts, core pins, and others.

Customer care

Our customer service will help you throughout the tooling lifetime. We provide everything from an expert repair service to helpful advice, with the level of service and experience you expect from a world leading company.


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