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Friday, 08 July 2016 13:47
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Comest is the sponsor of Michael Carbonera and SK-RACING Team at the 2016 European Junior Cup, powered by Honda.

Passionate about minibikes since he was young, Michael Carbonera, class 1995, is a racer of SK-Racing team since 2015.

Awarded multiple times Italian and European minibikes champion, he began his career early in 2005 on minibikes when he was only 7 years old, racing at the Junior A Championship.


In 2006-2007 he races in Junior B and in 2008 passes to Junior C gaining the 3rd position at the Italian Minibike Championship.

In 2009 he joins Team DM passing to the category Open, where he begins a long series of successes:

2010: 3rd position at the European Championship

2010: 1rd position at the Italian Championship

2012: 2nd position at the Italian Championship.

2013: 1st position at the Italian Championship, at the age of 16.

1st position at the European Championship.
2nd position at the Italian Championship.

1st position at the European Championship
1st position at the Italian Championship

After such a great performance in 2015, at the age of 19, he gets invited in Misano for a test on the Kawasaki 600 for SK-Racing Team. The test goes well and Michael can finally begin to race on motorbikes. Comest becomes sponsor of the team.

In June 2015 he joins the CIV Italian Cup - Advanced 600. The first race is in Vallelunga.

In July 2015 he arrives 3rd at the Misano Circuit, then again 3rd at the Mugello Circuit.

In June 2016 Michael reaches another important milestone joining the European Junior Cup, a support series for the European Superbike World Championship.

His team mates call him “rookie”, being his first year in this great competition.

But from Assan, to Donnington Park to Misano Circuits this young athlete has been proving the world he has all chances to take a leading role in the near future.

At the Misano World Circuit in Italy, on the 19th of June 2016, this 20-year-old racer put together a great performance: on the first lap a contact with another racer set him from 9th back to 22nd position, but he was able to recover and get back in the lead, crossing the finish line in 7th position after an exciting battle.

So…let’s ask Michael how he feels about it!

Michael what do You think about the Championship?

“Being my first year at the EJC I feel satisfied, but always striving to do better. The next circuits are some of the most difficult in this championship, and I will do my best. I am very determined to improve my performances in the next seasons. I know I can do better and hope to get to the podium.

I am very thankful to my family, supporters and sponsors for giving me the opportunity to follow this dream and for trusting in my potential. Without them all this would not be possible! I promise won’t let them down!“ (Michael Carbonera, 13.07.2016)

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