Milling and drilling machines - 41 working stations

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  • traditional milling machines

  • high speed milling machines


Our working centres combine milling and drilling machines designed for machining on hard materials like steel.


Our milling centres enable machining operations on multiple axes, from roughing to finishing, of all kind of complex workpieces. Combination between dynamism and accuracy allows to reach very high quality surfacing.

Our range of special drilling machines can be used for die-sets, tools, mold bases, mold inserts and drilled blocks in general and include multiple axis gun-drilling machining, which are ideal for all kinds of moulds.


Modular design allows large dimensional capacity in machining.

Latest investments: Milling and Deep Drilling Machine


EMSIL Mod. FFMM 2000

Stroke: X 3500; Y 3000; Z 700

Maximum load (rotating table): 40.000 Kg

More than 60 machining heads.

This working station has been designed and manufactured completely customized for Comest.


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